A human version of god..!!

Mr. Harpreet makkad     

Introducing to the person who really push me to this path. Today whatever i am only because of him. His guidance, his words, his teaching method is literally very amazing. He is tha human version of a god. Who literally rise the best person in  everyone.
I am lucky that i have got him as my teacher. I just took everything lightly. But this man brought turning point in my life. He always believes in writing with heart not with bookish languages.
I think this human version of god deserves every happines in his life.. thnkyou so much sir for being a best guide and best teacher in the world . I love to write but was hestiating in sharing it  with  anyone. This has  become possible only because of you. Your efforts and dedication inspires me alot and your poems too. So this one is mandatory post for you. 

At last  a grand salute to the most amazing teacher in the world yes sir  i am proud that you are my role model❤.


Is being a girl my mistake?

What is my mistake?? A little girl questioned to her mother.

Today, with heavy heart❤and tear filled eyes. I have no words to describe  girls life. Being a girl even i have to compromise with many things like dont talk to strangers, be in your limits, dont wear short dresses, dont go anywhere at night etc. Why these limits are for girls only? Why dont you ask your boys to be in your limits?

That little zainab😢  what was her fault?? She was just a little girl having big dreams in her beautiful eyes.

My hands are shievering today..!! How could a man do this to a beautiful and little girl who even donnot grew properly. She was a flower that was plucked before getting blossom..!! 

Being a girl is our mistake?? Girls wearing suits even raped..!! Its not just our dressing sense.. its your point of veiw who just see every women as  material to satisfy themselves.

You must salute every women. Today what you are only because of a women❤

Let us live freely. Let us fly. Let us..!!

#justiceforzainab #justiceforeveryhurtedgirl


Fantasy: not just a word, it is emotion that is connected with our heart❤

Even i love to imagine the things that even far beyond from my reach..!! But someone once said that nothing is impossible in this world. I knew that but fantasy is not just limited to imagining these impossible things. 

An emotion that give relive us from stress, anger, anxiety and grief. What if we get powers to make every of our fantasy a reality? 

May be I will be the most famous blooger or cook or i will marry to my favourite hero? 

But again  this is one of my fantasy of getting this power..!! We just get so much involved in imagining these things that we  even dont know how many castles in air we built yet..!!

So keep imagining its not a bad thing but always remember everything in excess is dangerous.


‘Cause every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

Everynight whenver she lie on the bed. That million dreams stuck on her head and couldnot let her sleep.

Not that dream of having a luxurious life. Not that dream of being rich and having everything in her hand.

Her dream is to be happy as she is now, and wana stay as it is. She do whtever she like because people even dont forgive god. They call her crazy, she cared and always faced tantrums. But now she dont give damn. She wana live in her world with few people who always support her.

Everynight she wonder about her dreams. That happy faces coulnot let her sleep. Make your own stairs to reach your dream because no one will offer you or serve you. You yourself have to take steps. And she started her journey towards her dream….no one can stop her now…

That year..!!

That year in which she took a new year resolution was to always be happy and always be a support for others!!

But..!! that year bring irony in her life..!!which she cant forget even if she want to be. That past year’s resolution in which she wanted to be support of others, cried for support of others to bring her up. She never thought that people whom, she were giving her devotion will betray her. She even ignored when people warned her. Because she always listen to her heart❤. And this time she was wrong..!! 

People make fun of her. Laugh behind her. Its not their mistake..its her mistake who gave them right. That year brought clouds of depression in her life which couldnot even seen by her best friends. She continously cried but no one listened. Everyone wanted to got rid off her. But darling she stood up again, rise up, fight with all depression cloud, make her as strong as she can. 

  1. But the thing she learnt is not to trust anyone other than yourself..!!
  2. Never ever give too much that nothing left for you.
  3. Never compress rights on others. 

But you all did right by not helping her. Yess..!! Because she made herself new version by sticking every brocken piece of her. 


That secret locked room..!!

​Guess the room that is always locked? Where is it? Don’t know?

It’s your heart darling, yes your heart..!!!

Where you keep every secret of yours which you don’t feel like to share with anyone, not even you. Sometimes we don’t know who trust worthy who is not. The people whom you trust most, often give you reason to delete this word from your life. Apart from people, you find your heart is most safe place to fill all the secrets in it. Sometimes, it’s best to not to trust anyone, but your heart. You find yourself that much strong that you give yourself that opportunity to keep yourself secret limited to yourself.
The first characteristic of being mature, is to keeping things in your heart. Where you have no fear of losing it. You always keep that room always locked. If you wrongly find anyone with whom you can share everything blindly… that’s the main mistake you do. Never give anyone that much importance that they can take advantage of your weakness by hurting you. Better not share anything, best to keep them in locked room. Because your heart will never betray you. Gift that room’s key to that one who is worth of it. Who can not only make you sure to not to misuse it but only prove it by doing it and treat it as a treasure. That key’s must not have any worth with whom they can sacrifice it for anything else. Are you worth of carrying it safely?

Yes..!! This is me❤

After so much of pain, heartbreaks,cry and grief.There is a stage when you are unaffected by your surroundings. People may come and go,they are temporary but we are not ready to accpet it. We still give our 💯 to everyone and they again and again point your disqualities. Everytime we cannot force anyone to be wd us all the time, if we do this again we hurt us. So it is happy to be alone..and best to be absent in your presence, it is best to talk wd this wind❤, the moon, the stars and yes with ourself. Believe me they also give best answers to us.Before being wd others be wd yourself, n choose that one who will never think before choosing you. If it is you then it is you only not anyone else.  People will judge you no matter how wise we are or were. They will only point out your weak points. Only you can give answers to your questions. Sometimes we have no idea how to react..so better to be silent, it is best❤. Dont knw why it  is too heavy even you are in peace, relax and free. And there is a stage where u r perplaxed🤔 Yes, this is me